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Want to rent a festival pagoda? We are here for you

If you want a playful pagoda tent for your event or party, choose the festival pagoda! The festival pagoda is a jovial and festival tent that can add an extra joyful element to your event or party. Thanks to its multiple colours this tent really steals the show. It is perfectly suited to be a nice bar or an intimate podium for your (acoustic) band. This tent stands firmly on our trusted ballast floor plates. An eye-catcher for your event!


The hexagonal festival pagoda occupies an area of 24m. Since these pagodas can be connected to other pagodas, you can create various shapes and areas.

You will find technical information in our productbook.

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The coloured roofs and barframes on the outside make the festival pagoda a festive tent. We have chosen to also deliver the sides of the festival pagoda in colour. You will find the options for colours in our productbook.


25 years experience
Large selection
Great service
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