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Looking for an Alu hall? We can help you

The alu hall, for if you want it really big! Your place for a congress or stock exchange at a location of your choice, with a maximum use of space thanks to a fully free span length. Your place for a temporary restaurant or cafe, flexible and spatial since it can be connected to pagoda tents. By elevating the entire alu hall, it will become unique and visible: the ideal place for your VIPs. Your place for a temporary space wit hall the traits of a permanent one. We will fulfill your wishes!


Alu halls can be made in various sizes, as you desire. The length of the alu hall is extensible per 5 meter. Measurements fort he width of the alu hall can be found below:

  • Standard width of 8, 10, 12, or 15 meter.
  • Extensible per 5 meter.

Coloured roofs

To give your event a colourful shade you can choose between several coloured roofs for the alu halls. The transparent arch in the roof can give your event just that extra special feeling you were looking for, thanks to the way the light falls. You will find the available colours in our productbook.

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For the sides of the alu hall you can choose between the following:

  • White canvas
  • White canvas with french windows
  • Transparent canvas
  • Plastic panels
  • Glass panels

The plastic and glass panels work as isolation. This way it will be easier for you to regulate the temperature within the alu hall.


For the entrances and exits of your alu hall you can choose between the following:

  • Glass push-doors
  • Single or double
  • Closed push-doors
  • Single or double

Naturally we will supply the necessary emergency exit signs above the doors.

Safety at your event!

Entrance tent

For a dazzling entrance you can connect a pagoda tent to your alu hall and give it the same look. We can provide the pagoda tent with plastic or glass panels and a door as well. Besides being used as an entrance, the pagoda tent can also be used as a location for a bar or restaurant. This way you will be able to use the space in the alu hall itself to a maximum extent.

The entrance tent is 5x5m big.

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Extra high alu hall

In order to have the best view you have the option to elevate the entire alu hall. If you desire we can build a terrace around it for even more height and to combine inside and outside. A combination with an elevated pagoda tent is also a possibility. The height will be discussed.


The walk-way gives you the opportunity for a splashing entrance or a chique passage. This stylish roof can be connected to alu halls and pagoda tents. The walk-way has the following characteristics: standard width 3m, minimum length of 6m, extensible per 3m.

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There is a large range of choice to make the alu hall even fancier. Some examples are carpets on the floors for a chique element, or lighting to make the hall shine in the dark. We would love to advise you and bring you into contact with one of our specialised partners. Of course we can also act as contact-person for you.


25 years experience
Large selection
Great service
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